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Most of us use XPEDITOR (to debug programs) in some organizations and when we move to a different organization, we might have to user CA INTERTEST for CICS (online) screens/programs. We get confused with the commands that needs to be used in between these 2 tools.

LIST – After login into your CICS region, you enter command LIST to go to menu to display a program and set breakpoints for a program to debug

Line Commands used

U – For setting an unconditional breakpoint
C – For setting conditional breakpoint
K – To keep data in keep window
G – For go to instruction
X – Remove breakpoint or remove data item from keep window
< – To scroll keep window data left
> – To scroll keep window data right


PF5 – Next Break Point
PF7 – For scrolling to previous page
PF8 – For scrolling to Next Page
PF9 – Previous Statement
PF10 – Next Statement

More details can be found in the Quick reference guide from CA in the below link