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Usually when multiple projects are going on simultaneously and different changes are made to the same table, both the project teams need to coordinate and then test.

In this scenario, one project has added a new column into the table in test region and other project tried to compile/bind a program where it had inserts into the modified table. As the Insert did not have the new column added in the list, the bind failed with SQLCODE -117. Now the Insert statement needs to be corrected by adding the new column and the program needs to be bind which will solve the issue.

Below details are from the IBM site for the SQLCODE

The number of insert values in the value list of the insert operation is not the same as the number of object columns specified. Alternatively, the number of values on the right side of an assignment in a SET assignment statement or the SET clause of an update operation does not match the number of columns on the left side.

System action
The statement cannot be processed. No data was inserted into the object table.

Programmer response
Correct the statement to specify one and only one value for each of the specified object columns.